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/[əˋkU:tə(r)]/ vt. 供以服装, 供以军用品, 装备...


survive [s[5vBIv] v.幸免于,幸存;比…长命

seed [si:d] n.种子


insect [5insekt] n.昆虫

intensely ad.激烈地, 热情地

region [5ri:dV[n] n.地区,区域,范围

shade [FeId] n.荫,阴影;遮光物,罩


grain [grein] n.谷物,谷类;颗粒,细粒

sufficient [sE5fIFEnt] a. (for)足够的,充分的

tiny [5tBIni] a.极小的,微小的

millimeter /millimetre [5mIlI9mi:tE] n.毫米

organism [5C:gEnIzEm] n.生物体,有机体

temporary [5tempErEri] a.暂时的,临时的

centimeter /centimetre [5senti9mi:tE] n.厘米

mature [mE5tFJE] a.成熟的,熟的;成年人的


equally [] ad. 相等地, 平等地, 公平地

evaporate [i5vApEreit] v.(使)蒸发

female [5fi:meil] a.女的,雌的

muddy [] a. 多泥的, 泥泞的

patch [pAtF] n.补丁,补片;碎片,碎屑;小块,小片


lay [leI] v.放,搁;下(蛋);铺设,砌砖

species [5spi:Fi:z] n.(物)种,种类

dormant [] a. 睡眠状态的, 静止的, 隐匿的

multiply [5mQltIplBI] v. (by)乘,使相乘;倍增,增加,繁殖

considerably [] ad. 相当地

distinctive [] a. 与众不同的, 有特色的

span [spAn] n.跨度,跨距

alert [E5l[:t] a.警惕的;机灵的

unique [jJ5ni:k] a.惟一的,独一无二的

harsh [] a. 粗糙的, 荒芜的, 苛刻的, 刺耳的, 刺目的

orient [5C:riEnt] n. [the O-]东方


minority [mBI5nCrIti] n.少数,少数派,少数民族

council [5kBJnsEl] n.理事会,委员会,议事机构

seek [ si:k ] v.(after, for)寻找,探索;试图,企图

perform [p[5fR:m] v.履行,执行,做,完成;表演,演出

poverty [5pCvEti] n.贫穷,贫困

retirement [] n. 退休, 引退, 退却, 撤退

sexism [] n. 男性至上主义, 蔑视女性

ageism [] n. 对老年人的歧视

director [di5rektE] n.指导者,主任,导演

conference [5kCnfErEns] n.会议,讨论会

explode [ik5splEJd] v.(使)爆炸,(使)爆发

traditional [] a. 传统的, 惯例的, 口传的, 传说的

shrink [Fr INk] v.起皱,收缩;退缩,畏缩

volunteer [9vClEn5tIE] n./v. 自愿(者,兵);自愿(提供)

previous [5pri:viEs] a.先,前,以前的;(to)在…之前

expectation [9ekspek5teiFEn] n.预期,期望,指望

plow /plough [plBJ] n.犁

stability [stE5bIlIti] n.稳定,安定

on the eve of 在...之前夕

instantly [5instEntli] ad.立即,即刻

tend to v.注意, 趋向

stick to v.粘住

rewarding [] a. 报答的, 有益的, 值得的

remark [r I5mB:k] n. (about, on)评语,议论,意见

v. (on)评论,谈论;注意到,察觉

justify [5dVQstifBi] v.证明…是正当的,认为有理

exceed [ik5si:d] v.超过,胜过;越出

come across v.来到, 偶遇, <口>给人印象深刻不期而遇,交付

accidentally ad.偶然地, 意外地

insight [5insBit] n.洞察力,见识

encounter [in5kBJntE] n./v. 遇到,遭遇

payoff [] n. 发工资, 付清, 盈利, (故事等的)高潮, 报应,

assign [E5sBin] v.分配,委派;指定(时间、地点等)

stage [steIdV] n.舞台,戏剧;阶段,时期

(go) on the ~ 当演员

instructor [in5strQktE] n.指导者,教员

synthesize [] v.综合, 合成

applicable [E5plikEbEl] a.(to)能应用的,适用的

thoroughly [] ad. 十分地, 彻底地

disconcerting a.令人不安的, 令人惊惶的

approach [E5prEJtF] v.靠近,接近,临近n.方法,途径;探讨

obstacle [5CbstEkEl] n.障碍,妨碍,干扰

accomplish [E5kQmpliF] v.完成

demonstrate [5demEnstreit] v.论证,证实;演示,说明

misleading [] a. 易误解的, 令人误解的

embarrassing [] a.令人为难的

stimulating a.刺激的, 有刺激性的

upsetting [] a. 令人心烦意乱的,令人苦恼的

explore [ik5splC:] v.勘探,探测;探究,探索

burden [5b[:dn] n.担子,负担,重担

identical. [Bi5dentikEl] a. (to, with)同一的,同样的

career [kE5r iE] n.生涯,经历;专业,职业

well-being [] a.康乐, 安宁, 福利

dimension [dBi5menFEn] n.尺寸,尺度;维(数),度(数),元

depression [] n. 沮丧, 消沉, 低气压, 低压

be composed of 由...组成

vice versa [] ad. 反之亦然

remedy [5remIdi] n.药品;治疗措施,补救办法


rate [reIt] n.速率,比率;等级;价格,费用


take on v.披上, 呈现, 具有, 雇用, 承担, 盛气凌人, 接纳, 流行

multiple [5mQltIpEl] a.多样的,多重的n.倍数

role [r[Jl] n.角色;作用,任务

combination [9kCmbi5neiFEn] n.结合,联合,合并;化合(物)

stress [stres] n.压力,应力;重音


strain [streIn] n.过多的疲劳,紧张;张力,应变


indispensable [9indi5spensEbEl] a. (to, for)必不可少的,必需的

realistic [r IE5lIstIk] a.现实(主义)的

promote [pr[5m[Jt] v.促进,发扬;提升,提拔;增进,助长

appropriate [E5prEJpriit] a.(to)适当的,恰如其分的 (接下页)

Part II Reading Comprehension (35 minutes)

Questions 21 to 25 are based on the following passage:

There are desert plants which survive the dry season in the form of inactive seeds. There are also desert insects which survive as inactive larvae (幼虫). In addition, difficult as it is to believe, there are desert fish which can survive through years of drought (干旱) in the form of inactive eggs. These are the shrimps (小虾) that live in the Mojave Desert, an intensely dry region in the south-west of the United States where shade temperatures of over 50C are often recorded.

The eggs of the Mojave shrimps are the size and have the appearance of grains of sand. When sufficient spring rain falls to form a lake, once every two to five years, these eggs hatch (孵化). Then the water is soon filled with millions of tiny shrimps about a millimeter long which feed on tiny plant and animal organisms which also grow in the temporary desert lake. Within a week, the shrimps grow from their original 1 millimeter to a length of about 1.5 centimeters.

Throughout the time that the shrimps are rapidly maturing, the water in the lake equally rapidly evaporates. Therefore, for the shrimps it is a race against time. By the twelfth day, however, when they are about 3 centimeters long, hundreds of tiny eggs form on the underbodies of the females. Usually by this time, all that remains of the lake is a large, muddy patch of wet soil. On the thirteenth day and the next, during the final hours of their brief lives, the shrimps lay their eggs in the mud. Then, having ensured that their species will survive, the shrimps die as the last of the water evaporates.

If sufficient rain falls the next year to form another lake, the eggs hatch, and once again the shrimps pass rapidly through their cycle of growth, adulthood, egg-laying, and death. Some years there is insufficient rain to form a lake: in this case, the eggs will remain dormant for another years, or even longer if necessary. Very, very occasionally, perhaps twice in a hundred years, sufficient rain falls to form a deep lake that lasts a month or more. In this case, the species passes through two cycles of growth, egg-laying, and death. Thus, on such occasions, the species multiplies considerably, which further ensures its survival.

21. Which of the following is the MOST distinctive feature of Mojave shrimps?

(A) Their lives are brief.

(B) They feed on plant and animal organisms.

(C) Their eggs can survive years of drought.

(D) They lay their eggs in the mud.

22. By saying "for the shrimps it is a race against time " (Para. 3, line 2) the author means _____.

(A) They have to swim fast to avoid danger in the rapidly evaporating lake

(B) They have to swim fast to catch the animal organisms on which they survive.

(C) They have to multiply as many as possible within thirteen days

(D) They have to complete their life cycle within a short span of time permitted by the environment

23. The passage mainly deals with ______.

(A) the life span of the Mojave shrimps

(B) the survival of desert shrimps

(C) the importance of water to life

(D) life in the Mojave Desert

24. The word "dormant" (Para. 4, Line 3) most probably means _____.

(A) inactive (B) strong (C) alert (D) soft

25. It may be inferred from the passage that ____.

(A) appearance and size are most important for life to survive in the desert

(B) a species must be able to multiply quickly in order to survive

(C) for some species one life cycle in a year is enough to survive the desert drought

(D) some species develop a unique life pattern to survive in extremely harsh conditions

Questions 26 to 30 are based on the following passage:

Opportunities for rewarding work become fewer for both men and women as they grow older. After age 40, job hunting becomes even more difficult. Many workers stay at jobs they are too old for rather than face possible rejection. Our youth-oriented, throw-away culture sees little value in older people. In writer Lilian Hellman's words, they have "the wisdom that comes with age that we can't make use of. "

Unemployment and economic need for work is higher among older women, especially minorities, than among younger white women. A national council reports these findings: though unemployed longer when seeking work, older women job-hunt harder, hold a job longer with less absenteeism (缺勤), perform as well or better, are more reliable, and are more willing to learn than men or younger women. Yet many older women earn poor pay and face a future of poverty in their retirement years. When "sexism meets ageism, poverty is no longer on the doorstep it moves in, " according to Tish Sommers, director of a special study on older women for the National Organization for Women.

Yet a 1981 report on the White House Conference on Aging shows that as a group, older Americans are the "wealthiest, best fed, best housed, healthiest, most self-reliant older population in our history. "This statement is small comfort to those living below the poverty line, but it does explode some of the old traditional beliefs and fears. Opportunities for moving in and up in a large company may shrink but many older people begin successful small businesses, volunteer in satisfying activities, and stay active for many years. They have few role models because in previous generations the life span was much shorter and expectations of life were fewer. They are plowing new ground.

Employers are beginning to recognize that the mature person can bring a great deal of stability and responsibility to a position. One doesn't lose ability and experience on the eve of one's 65th or 70th birthday any more than one grows up instantly at age 21.

26. After the age of 40, _____.

(A) most workers are tired of their present jobs

(B) many workers tend to stick to their present jobs

(C) people find their jobs more rewarding than before

(D) people still wish to hunt for more suitable jobs

27. From Heilman's remark, we can see that _____.

(A) full use has been made of the wisdom of older people

(B) the wisdom of older people is not valued by American society

(C) older people are no less intelligent than young people

(D) the wisdom of older people is of great value to American society

28. Tish Sommers argues that _____.

(A) older women find it hard to escape poverty

(B) older women usually perform better in their jobs

(C) the major cause of the poverty of older women is sexism

(D) more people have come to believe in sexism and ageism

29. According to the third paragraph, it can be seen that older Americans _____.

(A) have more job opportunities than young people

(B) live below the poverty line

(C) have new opportunities to remain active in society

(D) no longer believe in the promise of a happy life upon retirement

30. It can be concluded from the passage that the writer ______.

(A) calls attention to the living conditions of older Americans

(B) believes that value of older people is gaining increasing recognition

(C) attempts to justify the youth-oriented, throw-away culture of the United States

(D) argues people should not retire at the age of 65 or 70

Questions 31 to 35 are based on the following passage:

The most exciting kind of education is also the most personal. Nothing can exceed the joy of discovering for yourself something that is important to you! It may be an idea or a bit of information you come across accidentally-or a sudden insight, fitting together pieces of information or working through a problem. Such personal encounters are the "payoff" in education. A teacher may direct you to learning and even encourage you in it---but no teacher can make the excitement or the joy happen. That's up to you.

A research paper, assigned in a course and perhaps checked at various stages by an instructor, leads you beyond classroom, beyond the texts for classes and into a process where the joy of discovery and learning can come to you many times. Preparing the research paper is an active and individual process, and ideal learning process. It provides a structure within which you can make exciting discoveries, of knowledge and of self, that are basic to education. But the research paper also gives you a chance to individualize a school assignment, to suit a piece of work to your own interests and abilities, to show others what you can do. Writing a research paper is more than just a classroom exercise. It is an experience in searching out, understanding and synthesizing, which forms the basis of many skills applicable to both academic and nonacademic tasks. It is, in the fullest sense, a discovering, an education. So, to produce a good research paper is both a useful and a thoroughly satisfying experience!

To some, the thought of having to write an assigned number of pages, often more than ever produced before, is disconcerting. To others, the very idea of having to work independently is threatening. But there is no need to approach the research paper assignment with anxiety, and nobody should view the research paper as an obstacle to overcome. Instead, consider it a goal to accomplish, a goal within reach if you use the help this book can give you.

31. According to the writer, personal discoveries _____.

(A) will give one encouragement and direction

(B) are helpful in finding the right information

(C) are the most valuable part of one's personal education

(D) will help one to successfully complete school assignments

32. It can be inferred from the passage that writing a research paper gives one chances _____.

(A) to fully develop one's personal abilities

(B) to use the skills learnt in the classroom

(C) to prove that one is a productive writer

(D) to demonstrate how well one can accomplish school assignment

33. From the context, the word "disconcerting" (Para. 3, Line 2) most probably means _____.

(A) misleading (B) embarrassing (C)stimulating (D)upsetting

34. The writer argues in the passage that _____.

(A) one should explore new areas in research

(B) one should trust one's own ability to meet course requirements

(C) one should consider research paper writing a pleasure, not a burden

(D) one should use all one's knowledge and skills when doing research

35. What will probably follow this passage?

(A) How to write a research paper.

(B) The importance of research in education.

(C) How to make new discoveries for oneself.

(D) The skill of putting pieces of information together.

Questions 36 to 40 are based on the following passage:

In our culture, the sources of what we call a sense of "mastery"——feeling important and worth-while-and the sources of what we call a sense "pleasure"-finding life enjoyable-are not always identical. Women often are told, "You can't have it all." Sometimes what the speaker really is saying is :" You chose a career, so you can't expect to have closer relationships or a happy family life." or "You have a wonderful husband and children--What's all this about wanting a career?" But women need to understand and develop both aspects of well-being, if they are to feel good about themselves.

Our study shows that, for women, well-being has two dimensions. One is mastery, which includes self-esteem(自尊), a sense of control over your life, and low levels of anxiety and depression. Mastery is closely related to the "doing" side of life, to work and activity. Pleasure is the other dimensions, and it is composed of happiness, satisfaction and optimism (乐观). It is tied more closely to the "feeling" side of life. The two are independent of each other. A woman could be high in mastery and low in pleasure, and vice versa. For example, a woman who has a good job, but whose mother has just died, might be feeling very good about herself and in control of her work life, but the pleasure side could be damaged for a time.

The concepts of mastery and pleasure can help us identify the sources of well-being for women, and remedy past mistakes. In the past, women were encouraged to look only at the feeling side of life as the source of all well-being. But we know that both mastery and pleasure are critical. And mastery seems to be achieved largely through work. In our study, all the groups of employed women rated significantly higher in mastery than did women who were not employed.

A woman's well-being is enhanced (增进) when she takes on multiple roles. At least by middle adulthood, the women who were involved in a combination of roles-marriages, motherhood, and employment were the highest in well-being, despite warnings about stress and strain.

36. It can be inferred from the first paragraph that _____.

(A) for women, a sense of "mastery" is more important than a sense of "pleasure"

(B) for women, a sense of "pleasure" is more important than a sense of "mastery"

(C) women can't have a sense of "mastery" and a sense of "pleasure" at the same time

(D) a sense of "mastery" and a sense of "pleasure" are both indispensable to women

37. The author's attitude towards women having a career is ______.

(A) critical (B) positive (C) neutral (D) realistic

38. One can conclude from the passage that if a woman takes on several social roles, ______.

(A) it will be easier for her to overcome stress and strain

(B) she will be more successful in her career

(C) her chances of getting promoted will be greater

(D) her life will be richer and more meaningful

39. Which of the following can be identified as a source of "pleasure" for women?

(A) Family life (C) Multiple roles in society

(B) Regular employment (D) Freedom from anxiety

40. The most appropriate title for the passage would be _____.

(A) The well-being of Career Women

(B) Sources of Mastery and Pleasure

(C) Two Aspects of Women's Well-Being

(D) Multiple Roles Women in Society (接下页)


有一种沙漠植物通过未发牙的种子的方式存活于干旱季节。也有些沙漠昆虫以一种不活动的幼虫的形式存活下去。除此之外,(21) 让人们更难以置信的是,在多年干旱的地方,有种沙漠水生鱼通过未孵化卵的形式生存下来。它们是种小虾,生活在美国西南部极度干旱地区的莫杰夫沙漠。据记录,那里阴凉处的温度常常超过50度。


(22)在小虾们迅速长大期间,湖泊里的水也被快速的蒸发了。因此,对小虾而言,它的成长就象在和时间赛跑。 到了第12天,当它们长到3厘米左右时,母虾就会怀有几百个小虾卵。 而通常到了这时,湖泊里所留存下来的都是大片的泥泞又湿润泥土。 第13天和以后几天,在小虾们短暂生命的最后时光,它们把卵产在泥土中。 然后,在确认它们的物种可以得以繁衍之后,小虾们随着最后一滴水的蒸发而死去。

如果来年雨量充足并形成另一个湖,虾卵就开始孵化。小虾们再一次飞快地度过它们生长、成年、产卵和死亡的生命循环。 但有的年份雨量不足就无法形成湖泊,(24)在这种情况下,虾卵就保持休眠状态直到第二年雨水来临之时。如果需要的话,时间甚至会更长。在极为罕见的情况下,100年里可能有两次这种机会,充足的降雨形成深湖,湖水保持了一个月或更长时间。 这时小虾会完成两次生长、产卵和死亡循环期。 于是,这个物种的数量便会大幅度成倍增加,就更加确保它的生存。


A) 它们的生活很短暂

B) 它们靠植物和动物有机体为食。

C) 它们的卵能经受多年的干旱期。

D) 它们在泥土中产卵。


A) 它们必须快速游水以避免湖水急剧蒸发带来的危险

B) 它们必须快速游水去捕捉那些它们赖以为生的动物有机体

C) 在13天之内它们必须繁殖尽可能多的后代

D) 在环境允许范围内,它们必须在很短的时间内结束自己的生命周期


A) 莫杰夫虾的生命周期

B) 沙漠虾的生存

C) 水对于生命的重要性

D) 莫杰夫沙漠中的生活

24.第四段第3行的单词“dormant” 最有可能意思为_______。

A) 不活跃的

B) 强壮的

C) 警惕的

D) 松软的


A) 在沙漠中外表和体积对于生命存活来说是最重要的

B) 一个物种必须迅速繁殖以求生存

C) 对于某些物种来说,一年有一个生命周期就能够度过沙漠干旱期

D) 某些物种为了在极度恶劣的条件存活形成了独特的生活模式


随着年龄的增大,男人和女人获得丰厚报酬的工作机会也会变少。(26) 40岁之后,找工作就变得更加困难了。许多工人上了年纪就宁可待在原来的岗位上,而不愿去面对求职时可能遭到的拒绝。年轻人主导的速食文化感受不到老年人的价值。用作家莉莲•海尔门的话来说,(27)年长的人“拥有随年龄增长而带来的智慧,而年轻人确不具备。”

在因失业和经济需求去找工作的人中,年长女性数量比白人青年女性更多,特别是少数民族的高龄妇女。一个全国性机构公布了这样的调查结果:与男性和年轻女性相比,年长妇女在寻找工作时待业时间会长些,但她们一旦拥有一份工作后就会干得很久,缺勤率低,而且工作表现无异于男性或年轻女性,甚至超过他们。 年长妇女更值得信赖,更愿意去学习新知识。然而许多年长妇女薪水很低,且在退休之后面临着穷困前景。(28)“当性别歧视加上年龄歧视时,贫穷就不仅是表面问题,它变的更加深入。” 这个结论来自于提斯. 萨默,他是一项有关年长妇女的特别研究项目的负责人,服务于全国妇女组织。

然而在1981年,白宫老龄化研讨会上的一份报告却显示,作为一个群体,美国老年人是“我们历史上最富有,营养最好,居住条件最好,最健康和最自立的老年人口。” 这份声明对那些生活在贫困线以下的老人来说安慰甚少,但它确实推翻了一些传统的观念和恐惧。 对老年人来说,在大公司里就职和升迁的机会也许是减少了,(29)但许多老年人经营小生意做的很成功,志愿参加喜爱的社会活动,持续的保持着积极的生活态度。他们几乎没有可模仿的榜样,因为上几代人的寿命较短,期望很少。而他们开创了新天地。


26. 过了40岁以后,________。

A) 大部分工人都厌倦了现在的工作

B) 许多工人仍然坚守工作岗位

C) 人们发现他们从工作中得到的回报比以前多

D) 人们仍然希望找到更合适的工作


A) 老人的智慧已经得到了充分的利用

B) 老人的智慧没有得到美国社会的重视

C ) 老人和年轻人一样聪明

D) 老人的智慧对美国社会有巨大价值


A) 年长的妇女发现很难脱离贫困

B) 年长妇女通常在她们的工作岗位上表现更好

C) 导致年长妇女贫困的主要原因是性别歧视

D) 更多的人开始相信性别歧视与年龄歧视


A) 比年轻人有更多的工作机会

B) 生活在贫困线以下

C) 在社会中有新的机会保持旺盛精力

D) 不再相信退休后可以过上快乐生活的承诺

30. 从文中可总结出,作者的观点是_______。

A) 呼吁人们观注美国老年人的生活条件

B) 相信老人的价值正在得到更多的认可

C) 试图为美国那种年轻人主导的、抛弃式的文化辩护

D) 主张人们不应该在65岁或70岁的时候退休


最让人兴奋的教育形式也是最人性化的 。(31)自己发现对自己很重要的事情,没有什么能比得上这种快乐。这也许是你偶然获得的某个想法或一些信息,或者是在一些消息中或解决某个问题时突然领悟的道理。这种个人的际遇是教育的“回报”。一个老师可以引导你学习,甚至鼓励你学习,但没有哪个教师可使你在学习时如此兴奋或欣喜。只有你自己才行。

导师布置一门课程的研究论文,并可能在不同阶段进行抽查,这使你可以超越课堂,超越课本,进入一个过程,在这个过程中你会多次触碰到探索和学习的快乐。(32)准备论文是一个积极且个人化的学习过程,也是一个理性的学习过程。它提供了一个机制,在其中你可以发现让人激动的认识,为知识,为你自身,这些是教育的基础。 而研究论文也给了你一个机会,把学校的作业个体化,去选择适合你自己的兴趣和体现能力的一项工作,向别人展示你能做些什么。写一篇研究论文不仅仅只是完成课堂练习。它是一种收集、理解和综合运用的经历,它构成许多学术和非学术工作应用技巧的基础。 从完全意义上讲,它是一项发现,一次教育。(34)因此,将一篇研究论文做好,是一次既有益又令人满足的经历。



31. 根据作者的观点,个人探索________。

A) 将给予一个人鼓励与方向

B) 对找到正确信息是有帮助的

C) 是一个人自身教育中最有价值的部分

D) 将帮助一个人成功地完成学业

32. 从文中可推断,写研究论文使人有机会________。

A) 充分开发个人潜能

B) 使用在课堂上学到的技能

C) 证明自己是一个多产的作家

D) 证明一个人能多好地完成学业

33. 从上下文理解,第三段第2行的“disconcerting”的意思可能是_______。

A) 误导的

B) 令人尴尬的

C) 刺激的

D) 令人不安的


A) 一个人应该在研究中开辟新的领域

B) 一个人应该相信自己的能力能够达到课程的要求

C) 一个人应该将论文写作当作是一种快乐,而不是负担

D) 一个人应该在做研究的时候运用自己所有的知识和技能


A) 如何写一篇研究论文

B) 教学中研究的重要性

C) 自己如何产生新发现

D) 将零散信息汇集在一起的技能


在我们的文化里,我们称之为“自主”和我们称之为“快乐”源泉并不完全相同的。前者是指感到重要和有价值,后者是找到生活的乐趣。妇女们经常被告之“鱼和熊掌不能兼得”。 有时,人们想表达的真实意思是:(36)你依然选择了事业,那你就不要指望有亲密的人际关系和幸福的家庭生活”。或者 “你有一个很棒的丈夫和可爱的孩子,何须再开创一个事业呢? ” (37)但如果妇女想有良好的自我感觉,那么就需要去理解并处理好获得幸福生活的这两个方面。





A) 对女人来说,自主的感觉比快乐的感觉更为重要

B) 对女人来说,快乐的感觉比自主的感觉更为重要

C) 女人无法同时拥有自主和快乐的感觉

D) 对女人来说,自主和快乐的感觉都是必不可少的

37 .作者对妇女有自己的事业的态度是_________。

A) 批评的

B) 积极的

C) 中立的

D) 实事求是的

38. 从文章可推测出,如果一个妇女承担多重社会角色,_________。

A) 她可以更轻易地消除压力与紧张感

B) 她将在事业上获得更大的成功

C) 她晋升的机会更大

D) 她的生活会更加丰富、更有意义


A) 家庭生活。

B) 稳定的工作。

C) 社会中的多重角色。

D) 从焦虑中解放出来。


A) 职业女性的幸福

B) 自主与快乐的源泉

C) 女性幸福的两个方面

D) 女性在社会中的多重角色


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